Essential Minerals


Essential Minerals is an organization that is dedicated to protecting the safety of its employees, visitors, community, and environment. The management team and employees believe the protection of our resources, employee’s, contractors, community safety are a fundamental part of our daily operations.

As a company we will strive to create a safe work environment that influences the attitudes of all employees and create an understanding the intolerance to taking risk could potentially lead to workplace injury. All employees will be actively involved in safety to eliminate accidents and create a corporate culture that embraces safety. This will allow employees to feel compelled to speak up about hazards and safety opportunities without fear of retribution.

We will use the philosophy that each employee owns an unsafe act or condition. We all will have the authority to stop the job to prevent any accidents or injuries from happening.

We believe that the following the activities listed below will help identify, evaluate, and control hazards within the workplace.

  • Identify hazards
  • Asses the situation
  • Develop and implement engineering or operational controls to mitigate the risk
  • Monitor and maintain the process

The effectiveness of our policy will be achieved with the involvement of all levels of management as well as the support from all our workers.