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Essential Minerals PureCal Calcium Product Line

Essential Minerals is dedicated to providing high-quality calcium-based products for various industries, including food and pharmaceuticals. Our product line includes PureCal Calcium Carbonate, PureCal Calcium Oxide, and PureCal Calcium Hydroxide, each serving distinct roles in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Although our products are primarily designed for food and pharmaceutical applications, they are also suitable for industrial use, meeting stringent standards for purity and industry-specific requirements.

PureCal Calcium Carbonate:

PureCal Calcium Carbonate is a cornerstone ingredient in many food and pharmaceutical applications offered by Essential Minerals. Renowned for its purity and efficacy, PureCal Calcium Carbonate is extensively used as a food additive, fortifying products with essential calcium content crucial for maintaining bone health. It is a staple in dietary supplements, addressing calcium deficiencies prevalent in individuals with osteoporosis or other bone-related conditions. Additionally, PureCal Calcium Carbonate serves as an effective antacid, alleviating symptoms of heartburn and indigestion by neutralizing stomach acid.

PureCal Calcium Oxide:

PureCal Calcium Oxide, another flagship product of Essential Minerals, plays a pivotal role in food processing applications. With its high purity and superior quality, PureCal Calcium Oxide is utilized for pH regulation in various food products, particularly in the production of pickles and preserves. Its alkaline properties help stabilize acidity levels, ensuring the safety and longevity of these preserved foods. In pharmaceuticals, PureCal Calcium Oxide finds specialized applications, serving as a catalyst or reactant in specific chemical processes essential for drug synthesis and medicinal chemistry.

PureCal Calcium Hydroxide:

PureCal Calcium Hydroxide completes our trio of essential mineral products, offering unparalleled performance in both the food and pharmaceutical industries. In food processing, PureCal Calcium Hydroxide serves as a vital food additive, contributing to the firmness and stability of products like pickles and preserved foods. Moreover, it is instrumental in the production of masa flour for tortillas, enhancing the texture and quality of this staple food item. In the pharmaceutical sector, PureCal Calcium Hydroxide is an indispensable ingredient in antacids, providing effective relief from acidity-related discomfort. Additionally, it serves as an antifungal agent in certain medications and topical treatments, showcasing its versatility and efficacy.

At Essential Minerals, we are committed to delivering superior calcium-based solutions tailored to the specific needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries. With our PureCal product line, customers can trust in the purity, reliability, and performance of our calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, and calcium hydroxide products, ensuring the nutritional quality, safety, and stability of their products.

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