Essential Minerals



Our vision and plan for sustainability transcends all aspects of our business, from our raw material sourcing, to the healthy products in your home we support.  It’s not just solely focusing on the impact of our direct operations but looking both upstream and downstream to assure we positively affect all we have the benefit of working with.

We take an active role within the communities we serve and operate, looking to continually be an asset to members of the community.  We encourage our employees to volunteer within these communities both through both business and personal efforts.

To reduce our overall environmental footprint, we focus on responsible methods from the way we source our world-class minerals straight through to the distribution of our finished products. Manufacturing our products with minimal inputs (water and energy) reduces our environmental impact, while our copyrighted technologies virtually eliminate process waste. We have implemented packaging recycling strategies throughout our process chain and are committed to utilizing the most efficient and least energy-intensive distribution channels available.