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PureCal® Calcium Oxide

Essential Minerals PureCal® Calcium Oxide 

Discover the unmatched purity of Essential Minerals' PureCal Calcium Oxide. We take great pride in offering the purest Calcium Oxide and Hydroxide products on the market, boasting naturally low levels of trace metals, including Aluminum, Fluoride, Arsenic, Iron, Lead, and Cadmium.

Tailor your selection from a variety of sizes, ranging from small pebbles to substantial 2" rocks, to precisely meet your requirements. For those seeking high-purity materials, our dedicated sales team is readily available to assist you. We provide customized solutions to match your exact specifications, ensuring a seamless replacement that not only enhances the quality of your materials but also guarantees each batch undergoes rigorous testing to meet all specified standards.

Industries purchasing food and pharmaceutical-grade calcium oxide typically include:

Food Processing Companies: Canned food manufacturers, fruit and vegetable processing companies, snack and bakery product manufacturers, and beverage production companies utilize food-grade calcium oxide for preserving texture, pH adjustment, and moisture control in various food products.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: Pharmaceutical formulation companies, nutraceutical manufacturers, and drug delivery technology firms rely on pharmaceutical grade calcium oxide for pH adjustment, controlled release, and as an excipient in drug formulations.

Nutritional Supplement Producers: Nutritional supplement manufacturers incorporate food and pharmaceutical-grade calcium oxide to create calcium-rich supplements, such as calcium carbonate or calcium citrate.

Agricultural and Fertilizer Companies: Agricultural companies formulating fertilizers and soil amendments purchase calcium oxide for its use in agricultural fertilizers, particularly those containing phosphate compounds.

Animal Feed Manufacturers: Animal feed manufacturers add calcium oxide to animal feeds as a source of dietary calcium for livestock and poultry, enhancing the nutritional value of their products.

Water Treatment and Environmental Companies: Wastewater treatment plants in the food industry use calcium oxide to adjust pH and aid in coagulation and flocculation processes.

Chemical Suppliers and Distributors: Companies specializing in supplying chemicals to various industries, including food and pharmaceuticals, stock and distribute food and pharmaceutical-grade calcium oxide.

Contract Manufacturers and Co-Packers: Companies providing contract manufacturing or co-packing services for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products may purchase calcium oxide as an ingredient for their clients' formulations.

Specialty Chemical Companies: Specialty chemical manufacturers focusing on producing high-purity chemicals for the food and pharmaceutical industries may produce and supply food and pharmaceutical-grade calcium oxide.

For further information on our high-purity Calcium Oxide and how we can assist you, contact Essential Minerals today. You can call or text us at 302-317-1708, send an email to our sales team at, or simply utilize the link below.