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PureCal® Calcium Carbonate

PureCal® Calcium Carbonate

At Essential Minerals, we take immense pride in offering the market's lowest trace metal profile for our Calcium Carbonate. While other competitors may claim to have low levels of trace metals in their products, our commitment to excellence sets us apart. Here are some of the key differentiators that make our Calcium Carbonate unparalleled:

Naturally Pure: Our Calcium Carbonate is naturally pure, with no chemical modifiers or additives used during the manufacturing process. We prioritize maintaining the innate purity of our product, ensuring it remains free from any unnecessary alterations.

High Purity (>99%): Our Calcium Carbonate boasts an impressively high purity level, exceeding 99%. We set stringent quality standards to deliver a product that consistently meets and surpasses your expectations.

Multiple Product Sizes: We offer a range of product sizes to cater to diverse application needs. With options available between 4 and 20 microns, you can select the specific size that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Certified for Organic Production: Our Calcium Carbonate has been certified as acceptable for use in organic production. We comply with the rigorous guidelines set by organic standards, ensuring our product meets the highest quality and purity standards for organic applications.

Ultra-Low Trace Metals: One of our standout features is the remarkably low trace metal content in our Calcium Carbonate. Here are the ultra-low levels we maintain for some key trace metals:

  • Lead: Less than 0.125 ppm
  • Cadmium: Less than 0.4 ppm
  • Arsenic: Less than 0.5 ppm
  • Aluminum: Less than 50 ppm
  • Iron: Less than 50 ppm

By consistently delivering a trace metal profile significantly below industry standards, we provide you with a product that ensures safety, quality, and peace of mind.

At Essential Minerals, our commitment to excellence drives us to offer the purest Calcium Carbonate on the market. Experience the difference firsthand and discover how our unrivaled purity can elevate your applications.


Is there a difference with our material being certifiend for organic use?

At Essential Minerals, we want to assure you that structurally, there is no difference between our Calcium Carbonate and that of our competitors. However, the differentiating factor lies in the naturally pure material we offer, free from any residues of chemicals that may be used during the milling or purification process of Calcium Carbonate.

Our ability to provide this pure material is made possible by the exceptional quality of ore from our quarry and our meticulously designed process, which eliminates the need for any purification or processing chemicals. Let us take you through our supply chain: the ore is extracted, carefully placed in individual bulk bags to protect it during transport, and stored at our New Castle Facility before processing. From there, the ore is milled and packaged to meet our customers' specific size requirements, all without the use of chemicals or grinding aids such as Propylene Glycol.

The result is a product that is naturally pure and entirely free from any additives. Our trace metals, including lead, cadmium, and aluminum, are present at ultra-low levels, while still offering an assay greater than 99% with virtually no insolubles. When you choose Essential Minerals, you not only receive a high-quality product, but also one that is free from any residues of chemicals typically used for purification or grinding aids during the milling process.

Moreover, our material is both Kosher and Halal certified. In addition to that, it has been certified as acceptable for use in organic production, adhering to the stringent standards set by the USDA National Organic Standards.

Whether you require a calcium source for your pharmaceutical or food applications, our material serves as a perfect drop-in replacement for your current supply. Importantly, it is also an excellent option for your organic applications, providing you with the purity and quality you expect from Essential Minerals.